Viewer’s Preferences

Please tell us about your TV viewing preferences.

1.  Generally, about how many hours per week of TV news do you watch?
None 2 to 6 hours
Less than 2 hours Over 6 hours
2.  During what times do you enjoy watching TV news the most?
Early morning Stock market hours
Mid-morning Early evening
Lunch hours Late evening
Afternoon Evening news & talk
Late afternoon Late night
3.  How do the increased shaking and flashing video effects used in many advertisements impact your viewing of TV ads? I watch the ads more closely
I look away when ads come on
I can’t understand what products are being advertised
I don’t care about ad format
They have no affect on my recall of the advertising companies’ names
4. Given your choice, which TV news station do you watch? MSNBC
CNN (Headline or regular)
Network broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC)
Local broadcast
5.  How trustworthy do you think TV news reporters are? Very
Less than they think
6.  Select the type(s) of news that you want to see more on TV.
International Crime
National Sports
Local Weather
7.  Select the type(s) of news that you often switch off.
International Crime
National Sports
Local Weather
8.  There is too much silly chatter between reporters. Agree

I haven’t noticed that.
9.  Please check the comments you agree with: I often mute the sound when commercials come on
TV news does not meet my expectations
TV news meets my expectations
TV news exceeds my expectations
Commentators joke around too much
Too many unimportant stories are reported
Often reporters talk too fast
10.  Check the reasons you don’t watch more TV news: I don’t want to know the news
I prefer radio
I prefer newspapers
I prefer to get my news from the Internet
TV is primarily for good entertainment
TV is primarily for bad entertainment